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Why is the study INSEF-ExpoQuim important?

The study INSEF-ExpoQuim aims to characterize the current environmental exposure of the Portuguese adult population (20-39 years old) to prioritised chemicals.

This study is being developed under the projet HBM4EU, funded by the European Commission, that envolves several European countries and in which the National Health Institute Doutor Ricardo Jorge participates. The project HBM4EU intends to contribute to the compreension of the human exposure to chemicals and of the associated health risks, throught the use of human biomonitoring, which consists in the measurement of chemicals in human biological samples. This study results could benefit substancially the Portuguese and the European populations, as knowledge on the population exposure to chemicals is essential to support the development and implemantation of policy measures aimed at minimizing exposure to hazardzous chemicals.

Who will be invited to participate in the study INSEF-ExpoQuim?

Individuals that have participated in the first National Health Examination Survey(INSEF), aged less than 40 years old, that in 2015 went to their Health Centres to perform a physical examination, give a blood sample and answer a questionnaire.

What does participanting inthe study INSEF-ExpoQuim involve?

The participation in INSEF-ExpoQuim involves:

• Answering to a phone interview, that included questions on life style, housing conditions, health status, work, possible contact with chemicals and socio-demographic situation;

• Giving a urine sample for the analysis of chemicals;

• Agreeing with the long-term storage of the data and samples collected and its use for future research studies;